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All male Sail Melbourne 2014 International Jury and Race Officers


Please note: Stephanie's discrimination case against Yachting Victoria is currently with the Federal Circuit Court of Australia. Although World Sailing has displayed complete and utter disrespect for this process by conducting numerous illegal retaliatory kangaroo courts, we respect the process and wish to keep details concerning any alleged involvement of Yachting Victoria in this matter private until the case has been finalised. We are hopeful that Stephanie and Yachting Victoria can come to an amicable and constructive agreement.

Stephanie was disqualified from the Sailing World Cup 2014 for violation of the Olympic Gender requirements by competing in a Men's event (49er skiff). Stephanie was unable to compete in the Women's class as she was competing with a male crew (Paul Coady).

The case of discrimination is currently with the Federal Circuit Court of Australia.

World Sailing recently announced SWC events will no longer be held in Australia. Sail Melbourne has conducted Olympic class sailing under the Olympic sailing format for over a decade. World Sailing also announced a similar decision for Sail Weymouth and Portland UK. Australia is the #1 ranked country in the SWC for 2015/16 with 28 medals and Great Britain is the #2 ranked country with 22 medals.


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